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We encourage all beekeepers to keep informed of the provincial beekeepers’ organizations and education centres. The following links offer  opportunities for local beekeepers to stay informed of the latest trends in provincial apiculture regulations, best practices in honey bee management, pest and disease control, and honey sales and regulations:

What is a Honey Bee Swarm?

A swarm is a group of bees that leave the hive in search of a new home with a queen. They often leave behind half the colony, often with a new queen. Beekeepers do not want their bees to swarm, because swarming leads to a slow down in productivity in honey production and brood rearing while the colony rebuilds itself. Honey bees naturally want to divide and make new colonies to ensure their success.

What do I do if I see a swarm?

Take a photo of the honey bee swarm and submit it to our facebook group (facebook.com/groups/limestonebeekeepers). One of our experienced guild members will contact you if your photo shows a honey bee swarm. Members volunteer to remove viable honey bee swarms when possible. Members will not remove wasps, bumblebees, or other insects.

Swarm in Lilac 2
An active honey bee swarm in a lilac tree. Photo credit Bill Lake.
An active honey bee swarm. Photo credit Nancy Cole.

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