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We welcome you to join us at an upcoming meeting to learn more about the Guild and how to join as a member. Check out our meeting page for upcoming dates:

Limestone Beekeepers’ Guild Mentorship Program

The Limestone Beekeepers’ Guild has a mentoring program that pairs new members with experienced members. As a Guild, we feel this is a very important program to help new beekeepers.  There is always mentoring available for mentors also. We follow public health recommendations for COVID-19, so we are safely doing the correct things while together in a beeyard.

For new beekeepers:

  • Option 1: You want to learn about beekeeping and work with a beekeeper once.
  • Option 2: You are getting or have bees and want to be mentored. This is ongoing (at least 3 times) through the season. It is a good way to learn hands on. You arrange with your mentor whose yard to go to and how many times. There are always more people wanting to be mentored than mentors so please consider option 1 if you don’t want help throughout the season.

For experienced beekeepers:

  • Option 3: You have kept bees for a few or many years and want to pass on your knowledge to a new beekeeper. Having your mentee work in your yard is a great way of getting free help! You arrange with your mentee whose yard to go to and how many times. Let me know if you want to work with Option 1 or 2 or both.
  • If you are a Limestone Beekeepers’ Guild member, you can sign up for the mentorship program through our newsletter.

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