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Important update

**New antibiotic regulations will come into effect on Saturday, December 1, 2018 that will affect Ontario (and Canadian) beekeepers and their access to antibiotics used to control American foul-brood.

Please review the new regulations through the link below.


In the Beeyard


Temps are starting to cool as summer winds down. Honey is being harvested by the beekeeper while the drones are starting to be kicked out of the hive as the queen and her colony prepare for winter. Now is the time to ensure the colonies are queen right, mite levels are in check and treated as necessary, and to feed sugar water. 

Finally, if you haven’t already, please consider joining the Ontario Beekeeper’s Association, there are many benefits to being a member, including an inexpensive insurance policy for beekeepers as well as a bimonthly journal.

Interested in tracking your colonies on-line?  Tired of carrying paper that gets covered in honey out to your colonies? Why not try an on-line app? Follow this link to the OBA’s Business Resources page and scroll down to Software Resources:

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