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**Reminder ** Ontario antibiotic regulations  for controlling American foul-brood.
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Checking Colonies in Winter Months

Thanks to Harley Gallagher for sharing the following info about checking to see if your colonies are alive in the winter months. 

Both photos are of the same colony, one a close up of the upper entrance, the other a bit further away.  A quick low tech way to tell if a colony is still alive at this time of year is to simply have a look at the upper entrance.  Typically this is only evident when there’s been a fairly dramatic drop in temperature and before the sun really warms up the front of the colony.  You can see the frost on the entrance resulting from the warm, moist air produced by the cluster when it reaches the cold air at the entrance.  It’s a clear sign that the bees are alive and also that the upper entrance is doing its job of letting that moisture escape the hive which if trapped inside the hive would result in a, very much unappreciated, cold shower for the bees.

Finally, if you haven’t already, please consider joining the Ontario Beekeeper’s Association, there are many benefits to being a member, including an inexpensive insurance policy for beekeepers as well as a bimonthly journal.

Interested in tracking your colonies on-line?  Tired of carrying paper that gets covered in honey out to your colonies? Why not try an on-line app? Follow this link to the OBA’s Business Resources page and scroll down to Software Resources:

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